MGC, Special and GCV Committees & Positions 2022-2024

MGC Committees

Awards: Kim Snyder, Chair

Community Beautification: Carrie O'Hare , Chair

Conservation: Becky Farrar , Chair

Database Coordinator: Tracie Heavner & Elizabeth Joyce, Co-chairs

Finance: Rita Hodges , Chair

Flower Shows: Lucy Wilson , Chair

Historic Garden Week: Sarah Wyatt , Chair

Historian: Natalie Coleman, Chair

Horticulture: Coates Clark, Chair

Journal Correspondent: Heidi Pinkston, Chair

Legislative: Olivia Garrett

Membership: Laura Hundley, Chair

Programs: Sarah Wyatt

Photo Journalism: Natalie Coleman, Chair

Photography: Susan Morris, Chair

Public Relations: Leslie Hervey, Chair

Social/Ways and Means/White Elephant: Frankie Smith & Sarah Wyatt, Co-chairs

Web Master: Tracie Heavner & Elizabeth Joyce, Co-chairs

Yearbook: Leslie Hervey, Chair

Special Committees

Bee City: Cindy Edgerton, Chair

Fairy Stone Park: Anna Gehrken, Chair

Endowment: Nancy Moore, Chair

Paw Path:  Cindy Edgerton, Chair

Garden Club of VA

Photography: Susan Morris

Commonwealth Award: Becky Farrar

Restorations: Sue Rosser

Flower Shows

Rose Society Martinsville & Henry County: Kara Jo Gilley, Chair

GCV Daffodil Show: Paige Frith

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